Google Glass App To Recognise Your Mood

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Google’s glasses have been controversially present in the news for their number one feature, an invasion of privacy. They are basically a pair of X-ray vision goggles that allow the wearer to look in to the personal details of every face they stare at. Grant it, we can do that with the internet pretty easily already, but this will be instant, cold and digital, just like the movies we’ve all seen (Terminator, Minority Report, etc). There have also been apps that allow the wearer to immediately recognize faces and display their personal details without so much as lifting a finger. Now an app is taking this even further with the ability to recognize the mood of anyone that is approaching.

Face detection

“Emotient” is a company that develops face recognition software and its latest app for Google Glass, Sentiment Analysis, allows the wearer to determine the mood or emotion of someone who is approaching. It reads the facial expressions of people to determine their moods like anger,  joy, frustration, confusion, stress, sadness etc. The more basic emotions obviously are more easy to determine than the complicated ones.


The app mainly targets customer care and satisfaction markets. Employees will be able to better serve customers by knowing their present mood or temperament. That annoying employee at Burger Shack or Walmart may now be able to respond to you properly and not completely blow your top.

Emotient 2

The app’s intentions seems good but there are many concerns that it may make conversations less natural and more cold and calculated rather than spontaneous. Technology these days rarely does the opposite.

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