Google Glass Will Create Virtual Keyboards In The Future

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The virtual keyboard concept has been around for a while. I remember when the iPhone was coming out, a concept video featured a holographic keyboard that people thought would be included. Of course no such thing happened but the virtual keyboard is very slowly but surely becoming a reality.

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Google Glass may have a projected keyboard included on it that allows only the wearer to see it. However this keyboard would be projected on your hand. A team at Sweden’s Mälardalen University is developing something a system that combines a pair of bracelets with a wearable device such as Google Glass. It creates a virtual keyboard that only its users can see.


The bracelets will work together with the Google Glass or any other wearable tech to ascertain where the nearest surface is and project a keyboard on to that. It will also track your finger tip movements and function accordingly. Hence enabling keyboard to move in accordance with your hand. The keyboard will be activated by tapping a real world surface such as a table or a wall.


The keyboard may also include gesture controls which will also allow the devices to be paired with gaming consoles or mobile devices. The brilliance of this product would be that now the only thing one would need would be the Google Glass and the bracelets and they will essentially be able to type anywhere, anytime and at any orientation they like; that’s good news for ergonomics.

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