Google Is Finally Up With Complete Self Driving Car

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Google has finally unveiled the first complete prototype of its self-driving car, since it started working on it back in 2010. The Google self-driving car is expected to hit the streets of California in 2015.

The early prototype of the car shown in May last year had mapping systems and sensor technology, that allowed the car to see around it for better driving. The sensors could remove blind spots and detect objects out to a distance of more than two football fields in all directions. The car travelled at a 25 mph speed and had two seats with seatbelts, a space for passengers’ belongings, start & stop buttons and a screen to show the car route.

Google First Prototype Unveiled

However, a lot of features were still missing such as headlights. Google has been testing different features via different prototype vehicles such as system required to recognize road signs and road user gestures.

Google announced earlier to release about a hundred prototypes among which the first complete prototype has been unveiled but only a few specifications have been revealed so far. These specifications include a remodeled roof-top sensor module, newly-added indicators and headlights along with a lighter grey paint.

google-self-driving-car-from scratch

Google plans to test the vehicle further with its safety drivers using temporary manual controls. It shared the information via Google+ page and invited followers to the streets of Northern California earlier this year.

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