Google Is Reportedly Bringing A Tablet To Capture 3-D Images

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Capacitive Touch technology changed the way we used to interact with games, ebooks and certain other applications on personal computers. It opened up the ways to tablet computers, which is ofcourse not new to the modern world either. Image processing became a reality. We moved from black and white camera pictures to colored. Then from imagery to videos. This rapid advancement in recent years has led us to a point of capturing a 3D images of an object.

Keeping up the pace of advancement, Google has recently decided to take a new turn in its computer vision technology. The internet giant has planned to release around 4000 prototype of a 7-inch tablet next month. But this is not a normal tablet. This tablet reportedly has two rear cameras, infrared depth sensors and highly developed software that can capture precise 3-D images of objects. Further details on the device specifications are hazy at the moment but we might get a peak in the upcoming Google I/O conference 2014 which begins on June 25.

google tablet capturing 3D images

Google is not new to creating 3D images as this happens to be a part of its “Project Tango”.  It has collaborated with universities, research labs and industrial partners to concentrate 10 years of robotics and computer vision research. All these efforts are to develop unique android phones and tablets which can track 3D motion of the device that ultimately will help creating map of the surroundings.

google designing a tablet for capturing 3D images

Project Tango will be useful for tracking an item in a shopping mall, navigation aids or for augmented reality games. Google will set aside some tablets for developers to come up with amazing applications. The company plans to release the tablet to select testers prior to Google I/O conference this year.

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