Google Maps Gets Ultimate Updates To Date

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Google Map is the dominant virtual maps service in the world. Sad attempts to compete with it like Apple Maps and Nokia Drive have been nullified by its huge market share, detailing and reliability. Google Maps today owns the most complex network of satellite views of the earth comprising of directions to the nearest grocery store or national landmark, as well as the street views and time lines of different street views on earth. Its new update just made it better.

Google Maps

In this update, Google now allows customers to easily save Maps Offline for later use. For the purpose, just tap on an area and open its info sheet and select “Save Map to use Offline” and that’s it. Google has had their “One Account. All of Google” policy for a while now, and its paying off staggeringly. As long as users are logged in to Gmail, their Youtube Accounts, Google Drive Accounts, Google Documents, Google Chrome extensions and Google Maps are all synced across all of their devices.

Similarly now that Google has added saving Maps and directions in Offline Mode, the Maps can be accessed across all device.


Turn-by-turn navigation now tells you what lane you should be in so you don’t miss your exit, as well as a better view of alternate routes, distance, and your estimated time of arrival (ETA). Additionally, Google has added the feature of filtering different spots by their number of hours open, their ratings, prices and other factors. And transit directions now include the time for the next departing train and the total walking distance.


While Google continue to amaze us with their product developments and updates, lets try and figure out how amazing maps have become. Give us your review in the comment section below.

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