Google Secret Project X Is Failing To Bring Jetpack In Real Life

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Google X is a subsidiary of Google, Inc. that concentrates on making ideas that resemble science fiction into science facts. This includes Google Loon, Google Glass, Google’s Self Driving Car, all of which have proved to be successful and maybe arriving in the commercial market soon but of course for every one that succeeds, hundreds must fail. The story of the Google X Jetpack belongs to the latter category.

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Astro Teller, the head of Google X announced recently that the anticipated Jetpacks from Google have been shelved as they lacked the practicality to be funded or taken seriously. Of course this sounds very disappointing to little kids and the young at heart every where because James Bond, Jimmy Neutron and Dexter all had Jetpacks years ago and now Google is disappointing us with the news that it can’t be done.


Astro Teller said that the point of Google X mission is to provide the world with viable solutions to its problems no matter how outlandish they seem but to also push for products that have somewhat of a guarantee that they won’t be failures later on and so Google X “turns off” about a 100 projects a year before they even go into the prototype stage.

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Of the jetpack he said that one that was safe for humans to use and power efficient was too outlandish even for Google X because it would consume too much energy and be as loud as a rocket so there would be more pain and less pleasure flying it.

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