Google Street View Is Now A Time Machine

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Google has been making significant advancements in its Maps app and today its the most used app for a digital view of the earth or to find directions. Google Maps tells you the quickest routes to get to your destination, the best restaurants and the greatest places to visit in a city that’s completely unknown to you and just recently it brought close to real, vivid street views of landmarks of the world that were equivalent to a virtual holiday. Now they’ve added time to the feature as well.

Browse through the history of the construction of the Freedom Tower, NY

Browse through the history of the construction of the Freedom Tower, NY

Google Maps street view in the desktop version of the app  is now equipped with a feature that allows the user to travel back in time while remaining in the same place. It allows the user to peek in to the past and see developments as they happen “on the street”.

On the top left hand corner of the street view window now sports a small clock. Click on it and a small image opens up with a slider underneath it. The slider can be moved depending on your choice of time.


Witness what the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami left in it’s wake

The feature allows users to look at the street view as the buildings on it are being constructed, as the political or social climate is changing on the street (flash mobs or rallies) and how the seasons effect the view and atmosphere of that particular location.

time machine 1This was done by combining and compiling thousands of photographs Google  kept through the years up till 2007. So enjoy a trip down memory lane, or should I say, “Street”?

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