Google Futuristic Smartphone Will Map The World Around It

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What if you could capture the dimensions of your house easily by walking around with your phone before you went furniture shopping? How about you go shopping to a super-store and you could easily search for the products and see where the exact shelf is located. Sounds convenient? These are the goals of Google’s new Project Tango, which is a new smartphone that will navigate your environment just like a human.This device would have greater awareness of space and motion in natural environment because its equipped with 3D sensors and other components to do so. While moving around, the device will use a motion tracking camera and sensors to help detect the orientation and instantly build a 3D map of whats around it. These sensors allow the phone to make over a quarter million 3D measurements every second.

Google Tango

The first 200 prototypes of this 5 inch Android powered smart phone will only be available to a limited group of developers, hand-picked by Google. Google wants to give away these prototypes to selective companies and people who are focused on developing data processing, navigation, mapping application and gaming. Google has worked with several universities, research labs and industrial partners across the world for this project.


Google claims that this Project could revolutionize navigation. The unique combination of these 3D sensors with advances computer vision techniques will open up new avenues for indoor navigation. This project is headed by Lee who is known for his highly ambitious creative work. The company expects to allocate all the devices by March 14, 2014 but these would be intended for adventurous purposes and are not a finished product.

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