Google Wants To Fit Camera In Your Eyes

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Google has taken over the “innovator” title and is dishing out new products and ideas each year, first it was Google Glass, then Google Loon and now its the Google Smart Lens. With this new idea Google seems to be aiming at truly integrating the human body with technology. And while it does seem vaguely creepy to some people including yours truly, every truly innovative idea does to many people until they get used to it; then of course they laugh at how stupid they were to question technology.

Google Smart Contact Lens

The Google smart lens was hinted at in 2012 when Google announced that it would be designing a lens that could take reading of blood sugar for diabetic patients by analyzing their tears. And while there has been no follow up announcement on the diabetic reader, the lens has so far been endowed with a tiny camera at its side.

smart contact lens specs

This camera will allow facial recognition of course and it will allow people to look each other up on the internet as Google Glass promises to do, but this technology is on a far more personal level and it won’t obstruct your vision because it won’t act as a display (just yet), it’ll feed information in to another device, most likely a Google tablet or smart phone or a central database.


This in theory could help a lot of public services such as the police and public hospitals. For instance, police officers could be issued these lenses to automatically read the faces of everyone in crowds and feed that in to the central security database to cross reference all the faces with known thieves, deviants and murderers to help in investigations. For hospitals, doctors could be issued these lenses which could in the future have the ability to read peoples vitals just by appearance.

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