Grove Towers Aim To Clean Mumbai Air In India

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The architecture company 3XN has signed a deal to build massive towers in the heart of Mumbai – India’s largest city. The towers will be huge and will feature state of the art architecture and if their concept photos are any clue, will look like intertwined trees in a jungle, mimicking the mangrove trees and their roots that are native to the region of coastal city. What you probably can’t get from the picture is the idea that the “Grove Towers” will act like giant trees too.

Mumbai air filter

Mumbai, India’s Industrial Hub has one of the most polluted atmospheres in all of India’s cities. To counter this enormous pollution, Grove Towers will feature in their lower levels, a myriad of plants; these will, in the eyes of the 3XN team, help reduce the CO2 content in the air of Mumbai and also attract tourists. This mini jungle of sorts will be spread over 2500 square meters.

Grove Towers

In addition to this, the towers architecture will be designed to provide natural ventilation and reduce direct solar heat gain.


These two enormous buildings featuring 273 apartments, 38 stories and 77000 square meters of living space will be 136 meters high. The residents will also have views of the sea to the West, and the Mangroves to the North. This tower, obviously designed for the elite, will help bring better economic wealth to Mumbai and reduce the pollution in the air for average citizen of the metropolitan city.

3XN is hoping to receive the LEED Gold standard of energy certification once the project is completed in 2017.

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