The Brilliant Hat Styled Bike Helmets

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If you are fed up of bulky heavy bike helmets, then Bandbox has a brilliant solution for you. Guys at Bandbox have come up with special helmets that are more or less functionally similar to the traditional bike helmets but disguised under different hat styles. The variety of hat styles include wood felt fedora, cowboy hat, summertime cloche and many more.

bandbox bike helmets  traditional hat designs

Bandbox founder Dr. Cheryl Allen-Munley is a bike enthusiast with experience in bike safety and fondness for sewing hats. The combination of two skills actually led to the birth of Bandbox bike helmets. In addition to accessorizing the bike helmets, they were altered from the usual way a helmet is constructed.

banbox bike helmets special deisgns

The design mimics the shape of the human head with elastomeric foam used for the base of the helmet. Usual choice for base is Styrofoam but elastomeric is far more impact resistant and provides a thinner helmet to feel more like a hat. The foam is made directly into the thermoplastic shells of helmets by pouring in the chemicals. The poured foam glues into the helmet and because it’s monolithic; it is extremely solid. The Bandbox hat covers are attached to the helmets by tying a string to it.

bandbox bike helmets special hat designs

These incredible bike helmets were designed, sewed, shaped and dyed right in Allen’s house basement. Allen often sells Bandbox helmets at outdoor fairs where women inquire the hats without realizing that the hats are actually bike helmets.

bike helmets with special hat designs

Each hat is named after a different city and suits everyone in every season. Some bike helmets were specially designed to keep you warm during winters. So far there are 20 different designs of hat cover available at Bandbox.

Bandbox bike helmets are available from and its select stores. The helmet will cost you $60 with interchangeable covers starting at $44.

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