Headphones That Transmit Sound Through Vibration

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Headphones have become akin to portals to another dimension these days. Noise cancelling technology has made it possible that while listening to a song, you become ignorant to the world around you and take no notice of things like your mom calling you for dinner or your friends talking to you. An inventor by the name of Renaud Defrancesco has designed a pair of headphones that don’t leave you wondering what the heck is going on around you.


The headphones look like a headband and indeed, that’s what they are more or less. The headband is made up of acrylic glass with an electromagnetic at the top. The headphones don’t plug up your ears like all the others do, they transfer sound to your body through vibrations of the electromagnet. The inventor himself describes them as an invention that bathes the listener in music but doesn’t leave him oblivious to his surroundings.

Headset Configuration

The headset’s power button is at the top and they are built to direct sound inwards so the vibrations will be “contained” in some way. A third party can also listen to the music by touching their head to the headphones on the outside.


The headphones are built such that the vibrations won’t heat them up and so the vibrations won’t give you a headache, although there’s no guarantee of that not happening since it depends on the person’s tolerance. They can also be covered in padding to add comfort to their design.


No matter what, the design is of a minimalist nature and is bound to attract some users for its simplicity.

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