Modern Display Helmet Provides Detailed Information To The Foot Soldiers

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For those of you who’ve seen Iron Man, the helmet he puts on is directly connected to his Operating System, Jarvis. The helmet feeds him detailed information about his surroundings and displays important updates. The best part about the helmet is that it records everything without the need to remember. Pilots have this display too, but not soldiers on the ground. They have access to satellites, GPS, condensed food samples, the latest equipment but they don’t have something that would make their lives easier by recording the information and leaving them to take out their opponents, until now.

warrior helmet

Q-sight is a company that sells heads up displays and now they’ve created one just for the foot soldier. The Q-warrior helmet allows the soldier to map his surroundings and gives him or her access to the information pertinent to his or her needs.

The display is see-through, providing high resolution and high luminance images. The helmet uses an eye projector that maps the environment around you and prints details while giving the wearer a sense of the actual surroundings. This allows for the sight of the wearer to be unimpeded.


By identification, enemy and friendly units will be displayed on the helmet like in a video game. All the wearers will be connected wirelessly. Visual feeds from headquarters and drones will be transferred to the wearer in minutes so where ever he or she goes, the ambush waiting won’t take him or her by surprise.

Special forces are the ones targeted by this technology but it won’t be long before this equipment becomes the standard.

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