Here Is How Many Balloons Would It Take To Lift You Off The Ground

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Did you know that you can fly using the same method as Carl did in movie ‘UP’?  Well, you can tie up a bunch of balloons with your back and fly to the sky, disrupting birds or air traffic. However, the question is exactly how many balloons will you require?

This question was answered in an episode of Brainstuff by Marshall Brain and it is quite simple. All you need to do is calculate your weight in grams since 1 liter of helium can lift a gram of matter and an average balloon (1 feed width) can hold app. 14 liters of helium. Apply a little mathematics i.e. take your weight in grams, divide it by 14 and you have average number of balloons required to lift you up in the air.

Check out this video if you want to know exact number balloons with respect to your weight. The number is definitely in thousands.

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