Here Is Why Apple Watch Is The Most Beautiful, Mesmerizing And Utterly Insane Product Ever Launched

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“An entirely new product. We believe this product will redefine what people expect from its category. I am so excited and I am so proud to share it with you this morning”, said Tim Cook as ‘One More Thing’ slide appeared behind him during Apple Keynote. This was followed by a video that started with earth at sunset and deep bass playing in background. Then, there were a lot of close up images of a watch in square size with circular UI and different straps including an 18-karat gold version.

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The end of the video greeted a huge applause and a standing ovation from the audience. This was the moment everyone was waiting for.

Tim Cook announced that they were moving away from the i-branding, thus giving a name “Apple Watch” to this personal device. Today we are going to highlight the features of Apple Watch which makes it beautiful, mesmerizing and utterly insane product ever (to be) launched.

Features Of New Apple Watch Released 2

From the design point of view, the watch looks like a mini iPhone on the wrist, square in shape with similarity to iPhone screen and a beautiful colored strap. The watch can be worn all day at any occasion.

The Apple Watch features a small microphone which lets you access Siri and a speaker which lets you make phone calls.

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Features Of New Apple Watch Released 7

The $349 Apple Smart Watch will have an as-yet-unknown storage capacity for your photos and music, accessible even without an iPhone. You can also use your watch to pay using another new product of Apple – the Apple Pay. The device employs a comprehensive health and fitness features which remain active even in the absence of iPhone. There are little LEDs to read your heart rate.

There is a dial on the Apple watch known as “digital crown” which can be turned to activate zoom-in or zoom-out and scroll up or down feature. You can also press the crown to take you back to the home screen.

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Features Of New Apple Watch Released 6

The Apple Watch has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Calling capability as far as connectivity is concerned. Wireless headphones can be used to play music or take a call with the availability of Bluetooth. Wi-Fi can boost the transmission speed between iPhone and watch. You can dictate the watch to reply to messages.

Apple is still working on additional features such as “Hold Call” function which will trigger a voice message to the caller indicating that you’re aware the call is coming in but need a moment to get to your iPhone. A walkie–talkie feature lets two watch owners to have a conversation more personal than a text message or simply play like two detective at a high-profile mission.

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The best feature is that the watch can be transformed for lefties just by rotating the device and locking the screen direction. The Apple watch has insane sensors at the back for collecting data from the wrist. The watch screen is turned on when you raise your wrist and can swipe through the touch screen interface.

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The display screen is sapphire and can sense force meaning it can tell the difference between a press and a touch. There are a bunch of different interfaces for the device, some of them have extra information. “Send a quick sketch” feature is adorable where you can make a drawing to send to your friends.

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Features Of New Apple Watch Released 11

Additionally, the watch has a charger that can be attached from behind or can be charged through wireless charging capability mode, as presented. We believe the Apple Watch is more than a notification receiving device and expect it to be the most viral product Apple ever launched in the history.

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