Here Is Why USB Drives Are Inside Walls All Across New York

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While crossing the streets of financial hub of New York, across all blocks of banks, insurance companies, hospitals, stock brokers and forex traders, there is this strange USB jutting out of different walls.

Let us tell you why USB Drives are embedded in the city walls. Here is how they looks like:

USB Stuck In Walls Of Newyork

Aram Bartholl came up with this idea for an art project in order to create an offline file-sharing network in public space including but not limited to financial sector of banks and forex trader areas. These USB drives are completely public and anyone can plug in their devices to drop or find files. Each USB is empty except for a .txt file which explains the project.

Aram, a Berlin based artist who came up with the project during his stay in New York.

USB Stuck In Walls Of Newyork 2

The idea is pretty unique and fun but your laptop may get scratches. However, it may get handy if you want to start a revolution through file sharing from a flash drive. You can even make your own USB file-sharing with a little construction skills and a USB. Check out this video below to find out the details.

The response was overwhelming so much so that the artist even made a dedicated website for Flash Drives.  So what do you think about the project? Do you think the idea will be successful in your city too?

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198 Comments to Here Is Why USB Drives Are Inside Walls All Across New York

  1. What is the meaning of this?

    How would people know, whether fixed pen drive contains useful data or not?

    For, time pass or entertainment, it is OK.

    But, there is a risk of virus and data theft and security issues.

    So, justify your post please.

    • “Justify your post”? Yes, OP, please justify why you would write about something that is confusing to poor Divyesh here.

          • Don’t use them with devices you want to remain ‘secure.’
            Divyesh makes a good point, he seems to understand that some people consider this an art installation/experiment, but also understands that the risk of exploiting unknowing users is greater than the gains made from the “art”.
            Poor Bill, do you understand now, or is trolling your main line of work?

        • You actually have no idea do you? Its called a bit of fun. It doesn’t need to be ‘application specific’, its a cool modern art instalment that encourages people to share etc. Go back under the rock you crawled out of.

          • I would share viruses with everyone. People that would use these USBs are retarded. And, a USB sticking out of a wall? You can hardly call that “art”.

          • Why is it that people like you feel the need to shit on someone for asking something? So what if someone has no idea?. Why not just explain it and move on? What’s the point of being a total douche hammer on the internet to someone you don’t know? You wouldn’t act that way to his face would you? No, no you wouldn’t, because out in the real world you’re most likely just like the rest of the trolls. A little mousy quiet person who stares at their feet or phone all day and can’t speak up for themselves. The internet is not a shield for Dbaggery

          • You actually have no idea, do you? Viruses through usb are really easy. Technology is not as secure as you think it is. If you think it’s “a bit of fun” then we’ll see how much fun you’re having when they spend all your money with your credit card information.

        • lololo. you must be new m8. you don’t need to justify artistic expression it simply is what it is. poor guy.

          • Divyesh, brings up lots of good points. On the one hand it seems to be a mildly interesting concept that could potentially lead to a cooler, more fleshed-out idea in the future. On the other hand, it seems like a gold mine for the type of person who wants to put a virus out in the public. As for all of the “poor guy” comments…..just because someone calls this art, doesn’t mean it is. It’s kind of, ehh. Also, kind of interesting. Questioning something to make it better is not a bad thing.

    • Billy Andrews

      Divyesh – I’m going to point out the painfully obvious because you, unlike everybody circulating this page and laughing at you, appear to be somehow unaware of it. You are a socially retarded, bungling idiot. For god’s sake, go find some sort of therapy and learn to function as a human before showing your face in “public” again.
      “Justify your post”? Wow.

      • Chill out Billy

        The way you have overreacted is not what is typically expected of a fully functioning member of society.

        You could almost say you are socially retarded.

      • Alternatively, Divyesh could just be an English second language speaker or speaking a regional variety of English.

        There’s no need to be so harsh.

      • Wow Billy, who the hell do you think you are? Nothing special and I would bet my life savings on it. How is it socially retarded to want to know something? Even with the broken English, he knows what he is talking about. You sir, just wanted to be a little bitch over the internet and you figured the foreign guy would be an easy target. Don’t try playing it off either because we both know the truth. Shoot, if we want to talk about social retardation then lets mention those that use the internet as a weapon and their computer screen as a shield. Those that scour the comment sections of articles just to look for someone to talk shit or troll on. The only reasons why people like you do it is because somewhere along the way trolling was made “trendy” and no one can punch you in the mouth for it. Which really makes you and them cowardly conformists.

      • I’d rather be socially retarded than a massive internet keyboard warrior cunt like everyone replying abusive replies to him is. I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything else readers of pointless low quality articles on clickbait sites.

      • he has a valid point. organizations are hacked on the daily via usb. this idea is just opening the floodgates for malicious users. you are dumb.

      • Billy Andrews I’m going to point out something painfully obvious because you clearly have a fragile butt hurt ego. Who do you think you are the art critique Nazi ? Do you think you’re defending art or something ? not every piece of art should be understood by every individual. It is the basic requirement of being an artist to expect people question the meaning of your work; art deffinetly needs people that challenge and question its purpose because the the purpose of art isn’t to be accepted. Arts purpose is expression.

    • surely noone is dumb enough to use one of these. if its for “art” then make them duff/dudd devices, not working ones.

      Anyone with any sense would not plug a device into one of these, it is highly unsafe and well just who would?

      • If they used duds it would miss the point of the project.
        It’s not “art” in the visual sense, like a painting or sculpture. It’s conceptual art — that is, the IDEA of freely and anonymously sharing files and ideas with anyone in the area is what makes it art. It’s not there to look pretty, but to make you think.

      • people like you who cant think outside of the little box society placed them in and think artistic expression is solely a visual experience are exactly why things like this exist.

        Besides, its not just art, its a social experiment.
        Yes obviously someone could be whack and use them to spread a virus….congratulations: youre the 348632097540276542768542768504397658430659437650437685043rd person to come up with that idea…which means we’re all well aware of and understand the risks.

        but a bunch of cool things cold also happen and people can get lucky and stumble upon something great in one of the sticks, or something that saves a life.

        This is the part where you stop telling us things we already know and attempt to not miss the point of the exercise.

    • Divyesh is right about the security issue. Crooks are becoming increasingly more clever at trying to infiltrate your electronic devices. The thumb drive has been the latest tool used. Hidden inside can be infectious malware that could be opened once a IP connection is established. It may be fun and artsy, but with the amount of PII’s(Personably Identifiable Information) of a person being store in electronic cached files. Would it be worth the risk? On average, a person’s anti-virus, spyware, malware is not equipped to detect the level of attacks from professional sources. Working with IT, it would be wise to understand the substantial loss one person could risk being exposed to by using just one infected thumb drive that could ultimately spread to users on your contacts list. Fun, art or not. Just be weary of the potential risk when using ANY public access ports.

    • I have to agree with Divyesh. What kind of unsuspecting fool would plug his computer to a random memory stick? Besides, the internet is both famous and infamous for it’s incredible sharing properties, alongside all the viruses and malware. Excuse my lack of artisticism.

    • Clearly you haven’t grasped the idea of what was explained. It not about data theft. It’s about sharing data, you can’t steal something that was given! Lol.
      In regards to the virus side of things. If you don’t know how to work a pc by now just give up and move to a Mac. You want have to worry about viruses there..


      • What if i am not using MAC book, and there are some master hackers, who can take/theft some secure information from your PC as soon as you insert pen drive.

        i got the idea but i was thinking other way round. That you didn’t grasp….! :)


        The only reason Macs get less viruses is because there are less people that use them. It’s not as worthwhile of a market for hackers as a windows virus would be. However, there are still plenty of viruses for Mac so it’s time to pull your head out of your ass and learn a bit more about how computers work. Or you can continue on in ignorant bliss while people steal your credit card information. You choose. :)

        If you want an operating system that has an extremely slim chance of getting infected, I’d look into Linux. Unfortunately, no operating system is virus free but Linux is pretty damn close. (The explanation for why that is involves the fact that there are hundreds of different Linux OSes and the fact that it’s an open source community. I’ll leave it to you to research more of that though, as I don’t have the time to teach you about all that.)

    • Joshua Henderson

      It is art, my friend! The meaning is in the eye of the beholder. There is no other purpose than to spread some joy in a fun and unusual way. If I saw one curiosity would definitely get the best of me.

    • ChrysalisFox

      LoL i go format them, make them bootable and load ,,konboot” in with a nice trojan THAT IS ART!
      (sorry for my bad english im from germany)

    • The author of this article does not need to justify the wall usbs. He’s only writing about them. Talk to the guy stated IN THE ARTICLE for your whiny justification.

      Also, why does everything need to be justified? If you don’t agree with it or want to take part in the movement…DONT! Let the people who want to , do as they please at their own risk. It has zero impact on your life.

    • wow…you’re captain buzkill, captain obvious, and captain workaholic at the same time. You’re a literal robot.

      There doesnt have to be an application specific purpose or a justification.
      You’re WAY over-thinking things

    • I think this is the lack of foresight that causes people to regret thier descisions. Justification of the idea isn’t really necessary, but as far as computer safety/ common sense goes, this is about as safe as and artistically appealing as a bathroom gloryhole. Use at own risk.

    • I agree. Too many chances for viruses or theft of personal info. Sorry but there is a lot of hateful people in this world. Especially on this page. Grow up and admit that “change” isn’t always good, and in this case its not art either. Its hideous. Go ahead and trash my reply, I’m an adult, not a bully.

    • Well, time to go around and smash these usb into pieces. People want to go around and do pointless stuff, well I can reply back with an artistic response of my own.

    • Some people may find it a hobby if it takes off. Geo caching was never a thing when it first came out, but it is a hobby that a lot of people implore because of the glorious finds. It is interesting to see what people can come up with.

    • There are ways to protect your device from executing code after mounting a storage volume. Heck, automatically mounting storage media is pretty dumb if you’re extremely concerned about malicious code. If anything it could be argued that this method of sharing is even more secure than over a network, especially including the Internet, because at least you’re isolating the security risk, something you can do both physically and logically in every operating system.

      Technical issues aside, the idea is actually pretty brilliant. You’re looking at minimal infrastructure to provide a public exhibition of anything digital information can portray.

      You remind me of those heavily bureaucratic IT departments that end up with data loss because they were too busy ordering each other around to do basic things like review firmware release notes so that upgrades can happen, replace faulty hard disks, or manage host cluster connectivity. They’re so fearful and so technically under-qualified that they administrate themselves out of a job.

    • I completly understand the whole point of “wall USB hub” its the same thing as online Torrents, so to speak. In generally loose terms, anyway it’s a way of being online while offline at the same time. Ok look at it this way, let’s say these USB ports all on every block, every wall. Who’s to say they are not numbered, kinda like being in a library. so if you write them all down on a map, turned it into a grid, it would be the same way, “Napster” which was a great idea that opened the world up to a whole new lever which is how torrents came to life. it would also be a way to transfer wanted people posters, lost children posters anything lost, or if their is something of importance that is for the public warning it has a million and one reason and as for the computer being scratched on the side, anyone who uses usb’s on a daily basis knows you use a usb patch chord . When the computer was invented, much like anything “electronic” we all have bad conclusions. For today, we can’t live without electronics, Cell/tablets/mp3/internet etc. what was the 1st thing any one ever did, when they 1st understood, what the internet was before the companies started cashing in on our freedom??? “Download Music” before the whole piracy law became serious, last but not least, now with the internet full force, cable tv and land line phones will be a thing of the past in the next 5-10 yrs. just goes to show you that life is moving faster then we know it. thanks for the great idea 😉

  2. Once I got past that I wondered why a German National is allowed to install what is essentially a covert communication network in NYC. Then I wondered if he asked property owners or just started knocking little holes in buildings all over town.

    • And 9-11 was an inside job. The pyramids are created by aliens. Blah blah stfu with the conspiracy theories. Covert communication… They wouldn’t publish articles about it if it was a covert lines of communication you dingleberry. And this would be the saddest, least-covert attempt at a secret communication probably ever. So stop watching your Michael Moore “Documentaries” and leave the thinking to adults.

      • That’s… that’s not what he’s saying. I mean, I can see why you went the “paranoid nutter” interpretation, but I didn’t get that. I don’t think spikeg is actually WORRIED about a covert spy network, but used the fact that it could have in fact been used that way to question the legality of it. I had the same second question myself when I got to the video. Are people asking to do this, or are they just knocking little holes in property walls?

        • I think they are repairing existing holes with the additional USB plug. Hence the be a good neighbour comment when they putty up the second hole at the first instalment.

      • DoubleDiggits

        lol.. 911 wasn’t an inside job? How did you work that out? Noticed you used conspiracy theory, that term was coined by the CIA in the 60’s after JFK got assassinated because that was another INSIDE JOB.. Twat.

      • HitterandQuitter

        you are entirely retarded. Saying it is a covert file sharing network is a statement of fact not a value judgment. Quit being such a faggot and learn to speak some goddamn English if you’re going to open your fucking mouth

        • You sir, are a good example of the word “ignorant idiot”. First off, you’re trying to shame the poor guy Divyesh’s by calling him a “Faggot”. I don’t know if you’re homophobic or just a cowardly idiot, but please refrain from broadcasting your stupidity on the internet.
          Also, what makes you think you’re a good judge of the English language? Ever heard of proper punctuation, you idiot?
          Abusing someone because he/she doesn’t speak a language perfectly is so disrespectful. And why does one need to learn to speak/write English perfectly before trying to “communicate” something? First and foremost, language is for communication. As long as the message is conveyed, there is no need to attack his English (which, by the way, isn’t bad at all).
          Get off your high chair, travel, read books, understand cultures and learn new languages.

          ((End of post))

      • 9 – 11 was an inside job you retard. Look at the facts surrounding it. Everything screams controlled demolition. Your government needed to galvanize your nation against a single enemy as an excuse to go in to a foreign sovereign nation to get oil. Nuff said!

      • i dont think thats what he meant, i think you got it wrong and jumped straight too “hes a conspiracy theorist” he is just talking practically!

    • so for a german to leave USB sticks in american walls is shocking and unacceptable but for you bloody Americans to spy on the rest of the world and have the NSA probe german/french/norwegian politicians is all cool ?
      god you people have a fucked up way of justice.

  3. these USBs should be fixed in wall with springs to provide flexibility and room for slight movements. so that USB ports are not damaged and laptops are saved from scratches. . .

  4. Problem Solver

    Why would a person try to put the laptop against the wall to connect when there is an USB extension cord?!

    • obvious dahh

      Because how lazy are you where you can just download the one file that’s on the USB. What do you plan on doing? Having a good old picnic by a wall with a couple candles and some romantic music while discovering the secrets of the USB. Just stand next to the wall and access the damn file in 2 seconds. Not go out buy an extension cord for 1 USB which all of them in the world have the same file.

  5. Or, you know, use a USB extension cord and avoid all the fear of damage… except for viruses and these quickly becoming a means for distributing illegal porn or other content that is usually monitored online.

  6. This project is totally nonsense unless you want to distribute viruses. It would make sense if it’s a usb charger instead, at least for apple users.

  7. Instead of this idea some modifications can be possible:

    1. Add useful informations like latest news updates, highly sophisticated softwares, educational database
    2. information regarding to upcoming important exams, question bank and video solutions for it.
    3. Lectures of IITs/MITs to make youth Fundamentally/Technically strong

    • I don’t think you understand the basic concept behind this. It’s not public infrastructure. It’s not a business. It’s art. It’s “to see what happens”. It’s essentially digital geocaching.

      • Ya know what will happen? some schmuck will eventually come along and put a virus on the USB port and it will be shared will all the dolts to plug into it.

    • Caspar Aremi

      Pretty sure all of that data is on the internet though 😉

      This project could be reminiscent of the BookCrossing initiative that swept London a few years ago. People would just leave books on the London Underground, buses, park benches etc, with a note explaining why and sometimes an ID number so you could log on a website where you found the book and where you left it once you’d read it. Not sure what fun stuff you’d leave on a USB drive though – hopefully no porn, but fun short stories or anonymous journal entries could be interesting.

    • Being offline then each port will need to be individually updated making it impractical to have up to date information.

  8. Why on earth one would be keeping his/her data on public places ? so that get easily shared ? What’s the point of installing USB in walls I failed to get

  9. I love how the article says your laptop will surely get scratched. It is a typical journalist that forgets about the practical things like female to male USB cables. To be honest people that are that stupid do not deserve laptops in the first place.

  10. The first thought that came into my mind was viruses but maybe they came up with a way to protect against that? It said that the USB was empty apart from a .txt doc that explains how to share files so perhaps users are unable to save things to the USB (i.e. viruses) and only download from it? That would protect against viruses.. however, speculation because I don’t know how they have set it up!

  11. And then it rains and the connector i broken.

    Also you are destroying property that isnt yours

    Also viruses

    Also hippies.

    “That is frekking aweeeesome!!”, no it isnt. Its stupid and will not work.

  12. What a stupid idea

    Art!? How is this art? Attempting to go viral these days seems to be the point, and it seems to be what this “artist” is trying to do.

  13. Guys…it’s an art project. Does it have to make sense? No. Will people still get excited about it? Yes.

    Welcome to New York.

  14. kremlinkane

    Philanthropy thru bitcoin wallets left on em… before bitcoin crumbles compeltely in to antiquity ! Little treasure hunt.

  15. Absolutely not! Why would you attach to a USB drive on which could be ANYTHING, from malware, to a Trojans to spyware. This is a VERY dumb idea. This goes with USB drives you find that aren’t yours. Don’t EVERY put a USB drive that you have just picked up into your PC. You’re inviting trouble.

    • anything they want to. The idea is just “random stranger finds USB port, plugs in, maybe downloads whatever is on the drive to their computer, then leaves some pictures/songs/stories/links/etc. for someone else to find”

      it’s just a big game to see what happens.

  16. I just wanted to say that even with the two arguing over the existence of conspiracy, this is the most respectful set of blog comments I have come across in ages. I’m not sure this project qualifies as art. It’s an interesting idea but art would be if the installer included something on the drive which expresses some message or sentiment. Leaving instructions would make this a social experiment. It is interesting nonetheless but I don’t think I would plug in any beloved pieces of tech. There is nothing to prevent this system from being exploited for ill effect on the curious.

  17. How boring!!!! It’s an ugly installation and there is enough useless information out there and it’s available in much safer forums…

  18. Perfect, now pedophiles can share pictures of little kids being raped without fear of being caught, and a brand new way for hackers to spread virus’. Brilliant idea.

    • Im pretty sure thumb drives are widely available to anyone, regardless of criminal record, and have been for some time. Would you be stupid enough to download and upload illegal materials from random public sources that can be tracked? They wouldn’t either.

  19. Filbert Pharius III

    This report alone is a digital Rorschach test; posted responses reveal psychological neuroses faster and better than anything I’ve ever seen.

  20. mel_danielle

    Ok so people are supposed to randomly open files from flash drives in walls in new York city? sounds like an easy way to put Trojans on ppl’s computers for hackers.

  21. Everyone should know that if you plug a strange “USB drive” into your “port hole” you are suceptable to “viruses”… 😉

  22. This is such a dangerous, irresponsible and stupid thing. No way in hell am I going to put my laptop onto a wall embedded USB. MOST DON’T KNOW THAT THEY ARE PROGRAMMABLE and executable files can install malware, viruses, Trojans, root kits, or worse ransome ware that encrypts your hard drive and extorts money from you in order to get your data back. I fail to see how this can in any way be “fun.” It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Dumb, dumb, dumb!!!! I do know what I am talking about too. I’m certified security plus, as well as A+ certified technician. Google ransome ware!

    • I tried Googling that but apparently the real experts know how to spell “ransom” so no results were returned. You may want to Google “English”, and “poser”. Pro tip: cut and paste them from here so you get the spelling right.

    • Francois van der Elst.

      You might have IT qualifications up your ying-yang, but the thing you are best at is demonstrating the social inadequacy of people who spend too much time around computers.
      No wonder there isn’t a tech company in existence that can produce something that works in an even vaguely human manner.

  23. whats this punk ass clown gonna do once it starts raining. guaranteed those things will be filled with cp by tomorrow, usb sticks removed, artist fined for destruction of property and distribution of illegal images lmao.

  24. Art need serve no purpose beyond getting people to think and question the accepted “truths” around them. Use them creatively for any purpose you chose. Don’t use them. Talk about them. Walk right past them and ignore them. That is what art is for.

  25. Thank you E,

    I don’t want to criticize anyone’s post, it good to see some things, every time when i find new mail from “MOST EPIC STUFF”, i read it without fail. I like to follw it, and i feel good that i have subscribed it.

    But, in this post i found the technology that has many negative points compare to positive one, of course it has good idea.

    i.e., i comment according to my state of mind, i am standing in opposition but, from my comment i want to know more n more positive points about this post, if i will have it, i will get my post back. That’s for sure….!

    And IDEA/Suggestion/Comment can not be one poor, it’s all about their mind only.

  26. So viruses are the last thing you have to worry about when you plug a random usb device into your laptop/phone. There are massive security holes in usb’s hardware/software architecture. Basically, in order to develop a standard that would allow anything from a keyboard to a hard drive to be plugged into usb ports, the operating system will look on the drive for software drivers that tell it what sort of device it’s accessing. From there, the software can install ANYTHING. Sex without a condom for your computer.

  27. So this so called artist goes and drills into buildings to put the usb drives in? Did he get permission from the building owner? Oh how I would love for this guy to do this on my building so I can show him that a common trend of destroying people’s property without permission is not art. I would sue his ass for damages and cost of repairs and when the money if he has any comes out of his bank account or trust fund he will think twice about his idea of what art is.

  28. Maybe someone should stick dildos into walls asking random people to stick them inside of them and see what happens. In the name of art, so no one question it. Does it sound safe? Would you use the wall dildo knowing some random could have used it?

    This idea is the IT version of what I have just described. You may not get a virus, but do you want to risk it?

  29. Someone should do this with a harddrive and make a massive underground files sharing system for pirated films and stuff. Thoughts people? hahahaha

    This comments section is so funny right from the top.

  30. i would be thinking from this a good idea using usb drives too store info on and as little as poss on your computer or any other drive that has wifi

  31. Why would anyone paint a painting or write a song that is not in the honour of God. It’s pointless, illusionary and frankly dangerous, sure to bring about the ruination of society.

    In fact, I am afraid of it, and therefore it must be bad.

  32. These comments degenerated into a bunch of cannibal, flesh eating monsters going at it.

    If people are looking for the zombie apocalypse, they need to look no further than the comment section of certain articles.

    Love thy neighbor, y’all. Love thy neighbor.

  33. Okay so I agree there are some obvious security issues here, and also agree that it can be seen as a bit of fun and that perhaps those who only point out the negative could lighten up a bit. Don’t really see the need to abuse them, though. ANYWAY – all these people commenting so seriously and arguing over a USB sticking out of a wall did give me a bit of a giggle.

  34. commonsense

    Never in my life have I read such garbage and hate on a simple posted story.
    You wanna plug your laptop into Ann unknown device, go ahead and enjoy that art, or virus.
    If you think 9/11 was an inside job, then go too that conspiracy web site with all the other nut jobs.
    The rest of you, chill out and hug someone you love.

  35. They saw you have a high chance of getting your device checked, plus it will be hard to use your device like that up against a wall!

    Wouldn’t it be easier and smarter if they showed someone using it with a USB extender…??

    That way you don’t scratch your device.
    You don’t have a hard time using it.
    And it’s much easier!!


  36. If these were placed in the right place they would be great to use as somewhere to hang your coat on while waiting for a bus.

    Random USB coat hangers sounds like a good idea!

  37. You people are all way too paranoid. Yes, it is possible for these to be used maliciously. Would a hacker waste their time going around rigging these things? I seriously doubt it. Most likely scenario, they all end up full of porn.

  38. ok kinda blows my mind, so many will attack a creative idea… it may be good maybe bad but someone thought and wanted to try something, good for them…if you dont like it or would like to respond with negativity or concerns then sure feedback is great but how do you people attack one another and degrade bicker fight like brainwashed fear mongers. Its all gone too too far…what if architecture you luv let you plug in and see floor plans and ideas the designers worked with to do the building, construction details and companies involved or neighborhoods could establish these to share info you might learn of something you want to get involved with without having to know and associate with all of your neighbors some you may not care for and many you never see or know. local small business could leave announcements coupons sale announcements somewhere you dont have to surf the web looking for, a kind of neighborhood billboard maybe theres some great opportunities and sure someone could and probably would leave a virus but isnt that tell tale of the state of mind our culture seems unable to do away withwhatif instead of worrying about it someone wouldve posted hey I live right here by one of these and my computer is on while I go to work or shopping and maybe some of my down time could run a non-invasive spare time process to scan these drives and keep them free from virus and malware and someone else says hey I need a good arduino project and could wire a wifi card in here and if it all did nothing more than waste time and energy its still 10x more valuable than name calling and insulting someone or running something down …think how much technology we have thats never even applied to potential before the next latest greatest is hitting the market. well so much for my 2 cents keep thinking trying and applying

  39. I would put this entire post and its responses on the USB drive In a way I see this as part of the art. Using any means necessary to get people to relate and share in trust with one another is a good idea. We don’t have to be socially retarded just because they are. I find the general public’s reaction to art and technology to be that of gross ignorance. What have we learned? Most of those who responded have no clue as to what art is. As well the same group are all using a technology they only partially understand. PROJECT: SUCCESS. Thank you for participating

  40. For practicality, this is just stupid. This will never be used as a filesharing tool, and could even damage your device if used in adverse weather.
    As an art piece, it’s brilliant!

  41. Step one: Call my project art.
    Step two: Use art to exploit all security measures you ISP, OS and antivirus try to prevent. Basically the level of security of being physically present at your computer.
    Step three: ???
    Step four: world domination.

    The people defending this as a good idea to actually use are the types of people who believed that a microwave could charge their new phone… (yes the concept is cool, but let’s face it people suck)

  42. as far as viruses go i’m sure anyone that uses these probably downloads junk from god knows were anyway, so they’re already (well they should be anyway) aware that would be a risk. I’d assume they would have gotten permission to “install” the drives before hand or used existing holes ( no ones going to complain about a patched up hole even if it has a usb sticking out) because i doubt their running around with a hammer and/or drill smashing holes everywhere and not getting arrested for it. I also believe this is a cool idea kinda like leaving a digital letter to a stranger you’ve never met, how ever it will never end up being used as it was intended. there all going to end up with pictures/videos of either dicks, porn, meme’s, chain mail or even worse you might inadvertently upload child porn or a murderers recent kill. At least when you download something you have a rough idea about what it is your getting and the risk involved.

    But in saying that that’s kinda the point you don’t know whats on the drive, cool idea in theory though(not to mention them getting wet).

  43. If you’re gonna use a public USB, you’re gonna have a bad time.

    Just like a hooker, you’ll end up with a virus.

  44. Just plugin a usb extension cord and one won’t get scratches, one can even sit down instead of standing there like a spy.

  45. yes by all means, please enter my laptop and steal all of my sensitive data with your USB device that you crudely cemented into a brick wall. genius.

  46. what if we switch the USB for glued on jelly beans. You could walk by take a lick and leave it for the next walker by. The art here is flavour and the progression of a colesaw growing on your lip

  47. Thank you to those people who are with me and my view points.

    This is site to discuss pros and cons of post, not for obscene words and people, “WELCOME” to the world of “GRAND TECHNICAL DISCUSSION”.

  48. this is so dangerous, what if someone hit the USB? that little thing is going to do some damage.

    so retarded

  49. Ha, wow, some amazing responses here. In a lot of ways this is ‘Chindōgu’ i.e. something that kinda seems practical but at the same time is unpractical to the point you wouldn’t really use it. But it’s already got people talking and thinking – albeit mostly negatively – about how it could possibly be used. And to be fair, a lot of these thought processes are logical; an unsecured USB drive could contain viruses, but only if someone bothers to put it on there. And why would someone do that? Many reasons. Already, you have a dialogue going about public spaces, human intuition, technology, psyche etc. Because it defies a seemingly practical and logical use, people lose their shit.

    It would be intriguing to see what people might put on there as we should remember not everyone is a troll of some kind. If you’re wondering (and commenting) what the point of this is, you’re taking part in the artwork, which is partly the point.

  50. Well i only red about 20 comments but my opinion is it would be useful for sharing information kinda like promoting or getting people to hear your music…its a way to put it out there ( i try and be a singer song writer ) plus i do concrete work so i could make tons of these in the walls of the

    but on the other hand a risk of viruses would be greater then ever as we live in a sick world of fucking crazy people..

    well tha”ts my opinion

  51. Art is subjective. To the originator, art is seeing people share whatever with whoever. To me, art is seeing the look on some dudes face when his expensive Macbook starts producing smoke after plugging it into a usb drive jury-rigged with a cheap throwaway camera flash circuit… Art is pure emotion… Art is fleeting…

  52. This is a STUPID idea in more ways than one. A potential for things to go horribly wrong and horribly misused.

  53. Matthew Glennon

    I’ve read all the nasty comments people have replied with to other peoples’ comments about the safety of this project, and it’s generally uncalled for. Whether this is art or not is irrelevant. Even if the original installer didn’t place or intend for malware or viruses to be placed on the drives – any wrongdoer could place an auto-installing malware or virus on these drives. Your average Joe user, not aware of the security risk, could then accidentally acquire the malware from the drive.

    All in all, it’s a cool idea, but invariably puts users at risk – just the same as using any peer-to-peer sharing system. Though, this method is much more intuitive to the random and curious Joe walking through the street than having to seek out P2P software and actively look for file seeds to download.

    My recommendation to anyone seeking these out is to use a computer you care nothing about or a Linux on-the-fly from another USB stick, with your actual operating system disk unmounted, so anything malicious on these disks can’t access them. Discover cool stuff, but work with extra caution. This might not be the fastest way to compromise peoples’ computers, but it is a surefire way to get a few.

  54. Stupid. Yes viruses. Also they stick out. They Stick Out. A small child could bend or break these making them useless. Fun idea. Realisticky, stupid.

  55. Anthony French

    Is it really worth it? This is a great way for hackers to deploy worms! I have to say this is a completely useless and almost dangerous idea. Who would want to plug into these? Let alone break their usb ports. I would use a USB extension cable, which you should have had hanging out of the wall in the first place instead. But these things will rust in the rain, their useless, and a perfect gateway for hackers to drop viruses! 1/5 Stars.

  56. Notice how in the description it says “Could start a revolution through anonymity” Granted based on the comments we would never be able to lead a successful revolution if need be due to our diversity and hatred of one another and our lack of understanding. Why must we fight over such trivial ideas, and not even over the topic of the article, but the opinion of another person about the article. This is why we are a weak and stupid people, easily manipulated and brainwashed into believing everything we see on mainstream media and the Internet, just a never ending cycle of oppression because we are too simple minded to see the bigger picture.

  57. Notice how in the description it says “Could start a revolution through anonymity” Granted based on the comments we would never be able to lead a successful revolution if need be due to our diversity and hatred of one another and our lack of understanding. Why must we fight over such trivial ideas, and not even over the topic of the article, but the opinion of another person about the article. This is why we are a weak and stupid people, easily manipulated and brainwashed into believing everything we see on mainstream media and the Internet, just a never ending cycle of oppression because we are too simple minded to see the bigger picture.

  58. 1st of all, there could be a virus in any of these USB drives and/or a hacker could steal viable info from your electronic device. 2nd… Its destruction of public property. Stupid……

  59. This is a dumb idea, not to mention vandalism. If I owned a wall in New York City I wouldn’t want some asshole drilling holes into it for other assholes to be hanging around loitering around my property uploading and downloading who knows what. For all I know my wall will become child porn central and I’ll have a bunch of undesirables hanging around. This is basically new age graffiti, except some graffiti is actually nice, this is just an ugly USB sticking out of your wall.

  60. any viruses that a usb could upload onto your device to glean your personal information could be wirelessly uploaded onto your device by any decent hacker, say at starbucks, or mcdonalds, or best western. if your that scared, dont put your personal information on ANY device that connects to the INTERNET.

  61. You know what’s even more retarded than the subject at hand but most of the comments following. Fucking hilarious

  62. Potential risk factors and subjective judgments aside, purely structurally speaking: If you have a heavy laptop, using this device could be cumbersome, and you run the risk of damaging the device. If you do plan on hooking up to one of these, I would highly recommend you invest into a USB extension cord. This will serve two purposes, it will prevent you scratching your equipment on the building, and it will reduce the strain exerted on the USB device ( reducing wear and tear and extending it’s usable lifetime ).

    Risks to you:

    Viruses are a definite possibility
    Exposure to data you might not want to be exposed too

    It should also be noted that the device will eventually become unusable due to naturally occurring erosion via oxidation of its exposed and unprotected connector. Perhaps this could be mitigated with a plastic sheath over the connector. Well, it’s all in fun at this point, I don’t think practicality was really a major concern in this endeavor, so I’ll ignore any problems with that.

  63. Mark Getset

    Flashing is indecent exposure in most cities, i personally dont have any objections . As long as the flash isnt too bright where it could be a hazard to motorists being blinded.

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