HIV Cured In Very Young Babies

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In 2011, a baby was born with HIV in Mississippi, USA. The mother had been affected by HIV prior to birth and had a full chance of transferring her ailment on to her baby. The fact of the matter is that within 30 hours of her delivery the doctors discovered she had the fatal disease and began treatment right away. The baby was treated for the first 18 months of her life and then discharged, but prescribed a strict and regular dose of medicine. When the baby visited 10 months later, the HIV had completely disappeared, even though the mother had stopped giving her the medicine. Now the feat may have repeated itself.


In April, 2013, another girl was born infected with HIV; her mother was affected too. Within four hours of her birth the treatment began and now she is apparently cured. Five more babies are showing signs of remission. This news is phenomenal for the world of medicine. HIV is probably the deadliest virus in the world, it attacks the immune system and hence allows all sorts of diseases to easily infiltrate the human body. This almost always leads to death.

Though there are ways to lead a healthy life after being detected positive for HIV, the fear of death lingers ever so closely in every step. Doctor Persaud from the John Hopkins School of Medicine has said that this is “a call to action” and to continue this success the medical world would have to learn from these cases.

Dr Deborah Persaud

Dr Deborah Persaud


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