Holographic Staff And Bio-metric System Is The Future Of Travelling

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Skyscanner has released a conceptual report on the “Future of Travel” to be adopted by 2024. The report paints a science fiction movie scene with advanced Bio-metric systems, entertainment parks and one’s own music collection at the airport. It seems too good to be true but this is what the future holds for all you folks out there.

future of travel advance biometric system

Let’s burst that imagination bubble and walk through the future. Imagine you have a huge luggage and you are dreading for the routine security check taking up all the precious time. Don’t worry, future travel has it all covered! The advanced bio-metric systems installed can check your boarding passes within seconds and sensors can scan your or a whole group’s luggage even from a distance. Phew, that was easy!

future of travel sensor can scan from distance

Now what to do with the ample amount of time left? The future airport will have a full-fledge entertainment system at your service.  Put that book in your back pack and be the explorer for this once. In the future state of the art airport, rooftop swimming pools, 3D cinemas, gyms, open-air parks, paintings and sculpture will be there for your time pass during the boring wait of flights. Each one of you can find suitable flavor for yourself.

future of travel entertainment system

While you are exploring, you probably do not want to tag along that huge luggage with you. You can keep your belongings at one place and track it with the digital luggage tags.

Lastly when you hop on to your air plane, the seat will fit your body size, open up a personal movie collection and will allow you to 3D chat with your family & friends.

Before you fly away to your destination, don’t forget to say goodbye to your hologram guides who helped you all the way.

Now come back to present and share your thoughts on the “Future of Travel”.

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