Honda Figured Out The Way To Address Blind Spot

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Blind Spot in a vehicle is the area around it that cannot be observed directly, by the driver. Which results in accidents and injuries. Many automobile manufacturers have tried to address the issue by adopting different methods and technologies. Like fixing a mirror on Bonnet or introducing a side mirror camera etc. These methods do not erase the blind spot issue completely, instead helps maximize the surrounding visibility. A drawback these methods offer is drivers get an extra mirror to care for, while driving, which also leads to accidents in some cases.

Honda Side Mirror Modification

Honda has tried to address the issue by a simple method – it modified the side mirror a little to make the sideways vision a little expanded. The side mirror features a convex outer edge that provides a wider view.

Over the years, the automaker has tried to upgrade standards of improve sideways visibility. This new mirror will serve as a standard in the Future Honda Cars.

Honda Civil 2014

Honda Civic Hybrid 2014 Featuring Modified Mirror

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