After Cars And Bikes, Honda Is Coming Up With Luxury Jets

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The Japanese auto-giant Honda has been recognized as a manufacturer of affordable, safe and fuel efficient automobiles. No one expected them to produce auto jets until they declared multimillion dollar “HondaJet” project back in 2003. Worth the wait, Honda Aircraft Company has announced that the aircraft is ready for ground tests in a press conference at European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.

HondaJet To Enter Very Light Jet Market

The HondaJet is the world’s most advanced light jet aircraft with being fastest, highest flying, quietest and fuel efficient. The high performance is not the only trademark feature but the ergonomic design makes it more unique.

The state of the art aircraft has over-the-wing engine mount instead of traditional way of placing the engine on either side of rear of the fuselage.  The idea behind is to provide a more spacious cabin.

HondaJet's Patented Over-the-Wing Engine-Mount

The main wing airfoil and fuselage nose shape provides high cruising speed and increased fuel efficiency. This is due to the advancements in aerodynamics and Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) technology.

HondaJet with higher cruising  speed

The HondaJet utilizes the light weight yet strong carbon fiber to provide greater fuel efficiency.

HondaJet light weight aircraft

The best technologically innovative feature is the aircraft’s cockpit. It provides increased space for the pilots and next generation touch screen technology. It has dual touch screen controllers and three 14 inch landscape high resolution displays empowering the pilot with advanced navigation and control.

Hondajet advance cockpit

HondaJet spacious cabin

The first production of the aircraft is in final assembly. This achievement was not that easy as the aircraft has encountered several delays to its release from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The company is expecting to complete the certification and authorization process in the first quarter of 2015.

If you want to buy this aircraft, better save around $4.5 million dollars which is the estimated cost once the aircraft goes on sale.

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