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Tom & Jerry cartoons have won seven Academy Awards; and debuted as the most popular cartoon show since 1940’s. Tom, the pampered cat, makes traps and devise plans to get rid of Jerry, the only mouse in the suburban house. Somehow Jerry escapes every trap and Tom ends up as victim of his own creations. Tom & Jerry are frenemies who fight, become friends, fight again and it goes on. Their cute little tactics have inspired many animators and comedians but this is the first time that they have inspired a Thai vacation home.

jerry house ground floor

Thai architect firm Onion were asked to design a vacation home on Cha-am Beach, Thailand. Their client desired a place for a large family where they could play as well. The creative directors of the firm looked into the beloved American Tom & Jerry cartoons for inspiration. They finally decided to base the vacation house on Jerry’s idea of home, thus named – Jerry Home.

jerry house design layout

jerry house half moon door

jerry house soft balls and mats

The result was a vacation home with tunnels, ladders, safety nets, and cheese-themed furniture. It had a system of ladders connecting floors and bedrooms, a three story main living hall with net floors, an array of windows and pillows similar to holes in large block of cheese.

The ladders were designed to replace stair case between floors. The door frames were shaped as half-moons like in children story books. These half-moon doors were connected with the tunnels linking bedrooms and sleeping spaces.

jerry house kids room

jerry house tunnels

jerry house living space

The safety nets covered a large area of the floor with round pillows to indicate the cheese holes. This provided a floating experience within five different levels in the house.

You can move around the house just by using these safety nets which are connected with ladders. The players can drop down one net at a time to be caught by the one at the bottom. It opens to main living hall covered with soft balls and mats.

jerry house bedrooms

jerry house a family play house

The shared spaces, main living hall, living room are all painted white while the bedrooms can be personalized.

The house provides an opportunity for the residents to run, climb, hide, fall, and chase each other; after all the family who plays together, stays together.

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