Hover Cars Might Takeover Planes In Future

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Elevating a vehicle few feet above the ground may be the first step towards manufacturing a flying car. You may have heard about the hoverboards or hovercrafts but have you heard about hover cars? The concept of hover cars remained either in imagination or on television screens for few years. However, it is about to take a realistic form.

Hover car system in the city

SkyTran, a US based firm will build the world’s first hover car system in Tel Aviv, a city of Israel. For test purposes, this system will be built in Israel Aerospace Industries campus. The system consists of light weight cars which are suspended by a 500 meter long magnetic levitation track.

If initial results are up to mark, the company will deploy a 4.3 mile route called guideway in hover language, three stations and a bunch of two-seater hover cars in the city.

hover car system in israel

Hover car system will carry the passengers to their destination in a lot less time. The hover car can transit as many passengers in one hour as a three lane freeway can.  The guideway can be used for about 12,000 people per hour which will be beneficial for a densely populated city like Tel Aviv. The initial estimated cost of this system is $50 million dollars.

a two seater skytran hover car

The citizens will book a hover car for a specific station through their smart phones. The hover car will pick the passenger from the station ascending 20 feet above ground through magnetic levitation. For now the car speed is kept low to about 43 miles per hour but for commercial use the speed will be 150 miles per hour.

Auto manufacturers are looking into hovering techniques for developing future vehicles. The future will most definitely replace planes with flying cars.

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