Hoverboards Removed from Amazon

Hoverboards are being pulled from Amazon, and other online shops, because of safety concerns, according to The Verge, BBC, and others.

The hoverboards are not actually hoverboards, they’re essentially well balanced two wheel skateboards, but are called hoverboards, probably from marketing efforts from the hoverboard makers.

So why are they being removed from online shops?

Because they’re dangerous for a number of reasons:

  • Some models have caught fire, either while they’re charging, or while they’re being used.
  • They’re dangerous on the streets, one person has even died using it, although you could argue it’s no more dangerous than riding a bike.

The fire issues seem to stem from serious quality control issues, related to cheaper models flooding the market. As the hoverboard has become more popular, companies from China have been flooding the market with models that apparently have inferior batteries in them. Add that the fact that these things get a physical beating on the streets, that makes for a dangerous combination.

A number of US airlines have even banned them from transport on their planes, due to the possible fire hazard.