How Facebook Face Recognition Works

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Face recognition has become one of the most sought after tools in technology today. Cars are using it to drive better, Google Glass apps are using it to invade privacy and recognize your mood and Android phones now use face recognition to unlock. This fad has now been picked up by Facebook.

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Facebook has and always will be defined as a social networking website where people share their lives with each other, mostly using pictures and statuses. The face recognition software soon to be installed by the social network is probably going to have a part in automatic tagging, that hectic part of uploading pictures where you have to tag everyone so that they realize the pictures of last night’s party are up.

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The software is called Deep Face. It uses pictures that have forward looking faces and then changes their angles to try and fit them on to the face it is trying to recognize. Then it identifies different features of the face and if there are enough matches, the software’s verdict is positive.

The software basically works a bit like the human brain where it learns along the way how to recognize each face. The tests have shown that the software works 97.25% of the time while the human brain recognizes faces 97.53% of the time. That is eerily close to perfect.

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