How These NASA Photos Make It To 4k Movie Will Blow Your Mind Off

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A high-definition (4K) video has been created using 96,500 NASA photo files from the International Space Station. The video is a time-lapse created of 40 minutes raw footage from around 110 GB of data.

The video covers beautiful images from the space including the visuals of aurora formations, stars and the setting of the moon. Stills from the video on vimeo can be seen below:



It has been named the “visual symphony” and a Russian photo blogger,  Dmitry Pisanko, has uploaded the highlights of the video of 4 minutes and added a background score to the video as well. According to the blogger, the sountrack is of Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi and it took him around 3 months to find this perfect score to suit the visuals!

Check out the highlights of the video in the link below:


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