How This Smart Gun Will Fire Is Totally Incredible

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Accidentally firing a fire arm is more common than one would believe. With about 30,000 gun deaths per year in the United States and the case of Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin and more recently, Jordan Davis, the topic of gun safety and restriction is surfacing and resurfacing. The two major parties however can not seem to agree on a solution. Whether it’s tighter background checks or limiting the sale of heavy duty fire arms, the consensus, if any, is drowned out in the noise of disagreement.

The Armatix .22 IP1 handgun will only fire if the wristwatch that accompanies it is in close proximity. The operation of the gun is simple, when the accompanying watch is close-by, the LEDs on the gun will glow green and will signal the activation of the gun, when the watch is out of range, the LEDs will turn red and the gun will “shut off”. The idea is that if someone goes on a rampage with your gun or you lose your temper or if for any reason you mean to discharge your gun on someone you will have to wear the watch before engaging said person.Smart Gun Activates

This may prevent, many analysts say, 32,000 gun deaths per year and also alleviate the serious problem affecting the United States. Some analysts however, say that these “safer” guns will attract more customers to buying guns since they will view them as novelty items, the latest cool things on the market.

The gun’s choice of bullet is also symbolic, since the Sandy Hook shootings involved .22 caliber bullets.Gun and Watch

The gun costs far more than a conventional .22 caliber pistol. The watch and the handgun cost a whopping $1800 while the ordinary .22 caliber handgun can be bought for $600.

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