How To Add A Photo Onto Any Piece Of Wood

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Photographs are not just meant to be put up in a frame and left alone on the shelf for years to come. A photograph’s beauty can be enhanced by using good creative ways of displaying it. We assure you that every passer-by will look twice on the photograph before moving on. You can put up your photographs in empty glass jars, print it on cloth or transfer it on wooden panel to justify the photograph. There are countless ideas out there as creativity has no limits.

Today we are going to share with you the process of adding a photograph on a piece of wood and also give it a vintage look.  Below is the before and after images of the project.

Adding Photograph on wood - before and after images

Here is how you can transfer a photograph on a piece of wood.

The first step is to look for a piece of wood that suits your needs. It can be a ready-made wooden frame bought from a shop or it can be a spare piece of wood available at your home. Make sure the wood panel is the right size according to your photograph.

Once the wood frame is selected, the next step is to choose the photograph and tweak it on any software to make it suitable for the wooden panel. In this project, an air plane photograph was used which was processed on Adobe Lightroom. The photograph was converted to black and white, its contrast was increased and some film grain was also added to it in order to give vintage look.

After the necessary adjustments with the photograph were made, its print was taken using laser jet printing to maintain the high quality of the image. Ink jet printing was not suitable for this image.

Adding Photograph on wood - Wood and photograph

Now you need to prepare the wood for transferring your vintage airplane to it. Hence, the third step includes applying the Hod Podge photo transfer solution on to the wood with help of a brush. If you apply the solution directly to photograph, it will curl up and you will have problem putting the image on the wood.

Don’t worry if you are unable to find the Hod Podge solution. You can make some at home. Take same proportion of Elmer’s glue and water in a container and then shake it up to make a mixture.

Adding Photograph on wood - applying transfer solution

The fourth step is tricky; you need to place the photograph on the wood such that no bubbles are formed on the photograph. You can further smooth out the photograph using a butter knife or a ruler. Let it sit overnight and make sure no one messes up with the wooden photograph.

Adding Photograph on wood - put up the picture and smooth out to avoid bubbles

The fifth step is a little difficult and requires patience. In this step, you need to wet the picture and use your fingers to rub it off. Some parts will come right off while others will be more stubborn. It will take a good 20-30 minutes of your time.

Adding Photograph on wood - removing the photograph after putting it up overnight

The final step for the photo transfer project is to give it a fine finishing. First apply wood stain, the longer it stays on the wood, the more effect it will have on the photograph. Then use sand paper to remove the excess chemicals from the wood photograph. Apply pigment and soft wax for a grungy textured glossy wood frame.

Adding Photograph on wood - apply wax to gloss the wood

You can attach fastening brackets at the back to hang the vintage wood photograph on the wall.

Adding Photograph on wood - attach fastening brackets

Adding Photograph on wood - final look

Will you try this project as your next DIY this weekend? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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