How To Bypass Blue Ticks On Whatsapp Like A Pro

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WhatsApp updated its read receipt notifications a few weeks ago which freaked out people who used-to ignore messages. The new update can now send back read message confirmations with two blue ticks appearing on the sender’s phone. In other words, the blue ticks confirms that the recipient has read/seen the message.

Since the update, many tricks have surfaced the internet to avoid the read receipt notifications and made life a little easier. We are going to share with you some tricks to bypass the blue ticks notification.


The simplest way is to read the message received by pulling down the notification bar only. In such a way, you will be able to read the whole message from the notification bar if the message is short. It works for multiple messages too since each message will get a separate notification on Android phone. On the other hand, iPhone users will not be able to see multiple messages from the notification bar.

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If the messages are so long that it is impossible to read the whole message from notification bar then you can try this trick. Android users can add another screen to their phone, and add a WhatsApp widget on this screen and adjust it to cover the whole screen.

This trick will allow to see full length messages without sending blue tick notification. However, make sure you do not click on any message or it will take you to the app and will send the read receipt notification.

Disable Whatsapp Blue Tick

You can also install an app lock utility to lock the WhatsApp with a password or pattern. This will prevent you from opening the app accidently and triggering the read receipt notification.

So try out these tricks and let us know if it worked for you. If you have any other tricks, let us know in the comment section below.


The latest WhatsApp version (V 2.11.44) has a privacy setting which allows you to disable the read receipt notification. When you check this option, your receipts will not know whether you have read the message or not and this happens both ways. However, this new settings will not affect group chats.

Disable WhatsApp read reciept

For now the service is available through WhatsApp website and will soon come to Google Play store. The update will also be rolled out to Blackberry, iOS and Windows phone shortly afterwards.

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