How To Clean Rusted Iron At Home

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You must have a rusted iron at home since you did not use it for a year or so.  However, somehow you needed it now for ironing a piece of cloth but if you are a clean freak, you could not endure the rusty iron being pressed against your precious clothes. Today, we are going to tell you how to clean your rusted iron in about 5 to 10 minutes using a simple home remedy.

This is what a rusted iron looks like. Your iron may be dirtier or rusty than this. Don’t worry this method will make your iron brand new again.

How To Clean An Iron At Home 2

Take a paper towel and dab it in vinegar. Then rub the towel against the iron and you will notice that the crud is coming off. This method is great for semi-dirty iron.

How To Clean An Iron At Home 3

You will need an extra power of baking soda to clean an iron which has more crud.

How To Clean An Iron At Home 4

Sprinkle baking soda on the paper towel and iron it. As you iron the paper towel, the rust and crud will come off making the iron brand new again.How To Clean An Iron At Home 5

The baking soda may get stuck in the holes. You can remove the baking soda by putting the iron on steam setting. The steam will get the baking soda out of the holes, turn off the steam setting, clean the iron and steam again. Repeat the process until all the baking soda has come out. You can also you tooth pick to clean the holes which still has some baking soda stuck in them.

How To Clean An Iron At Home 6

Here you go. You have cleaned out your iron and made it brand new in a few minutes and no useless expenses were required. Try out this method and tell us how did it go for you?

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