How To Hide Your House From Google Maps

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Google Maps Street View technology was launched back in 2007 in several cities of United States. This new technology did more than just capturing routine shots of city streets. The images have revealed unintentional surprises like murder scenes, mayhem, embarrassing moments, terrifying instants and Google Street View Cameras taking selfies in the museum.

Google maps street view

Let’s see how Google Street View works? This will help you understand the kind of access public has to your private life. If you go to Google Maps and type your address, it will locate your position on the map. Now switch from terrestrial to satellite view and zoom in to the location. This is when you can see the top of your house and the surroundings. Here, if you click the small stick man figure on the left side of the screen, the stick man will bring you right in front of your garage gate giving panoramic view.

You can now roam about the street up and down, zooming in for details and that is when you realize your home number or your car’s license plate displayed publicly on World Wide Web. The chances are that the image will remain there for 1-2 years unless updated again. Google claims that it blurs out private information from a photographed region, but it is not always true.

Here is how you can make sure that Google remembers to blur out your private information from the image before uploading. Or you can even hide your house from google map.

Go to Google Maps , type in your address and hit the search button.

Enter address to google maps

Google Maps will take you to a terrestrial map location, switch it to satellite map by clicking on the Earth image at bottom left corner of the map.

Get Satellite Version of the address

Once you are in satellite version of the map, drag the little brown man encircled in red at the bottom right corner and place it to the marked position. Then click the address mentioned with the marked point on map.

Drag stick man and get street view

This will bring you right on the street where you can move around by simply dragging and clicking on your touch pad or mouse.

click on report a problem

If you found something you need to blur out, move to the bottom extreme of the map and click on “Report a Problem”. This will take you to the “Report Inappropriate Street View” Page. Here you can adjust the area in the image which you need to blur out. This area is specified by the red box as shown in picture below. After that you can fill out “Request Blurring” and “Request image quality” space on the page and click submit at the bottom.

adjust the image and submit the problem

Check back in a few days after performing this procedure, and the requested portion of the image will now appear blurred.

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