How To Peel A Bucket Of Potatoes In 50 Seconds

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No one wants to peel a bucket full of potatoes one by one and give almost an hour of their precious time. You cannot escape from this situation either. Therefore, today, we will share a trick which will help you peel potatoes in less than a minute – 50 seconds to be precise.

Step 1:

Buy a brand new, clean toilet brush.

Step 2:

Attach the brush to a power drill.

Peeling Potatoes in less than a minute

Step 3: 

Throw potatoes into the bucket with some water.

Step 4: 

Use a water hose and brush simultaneously for the potatoes to get whipped up eventually removing the outer layer of skin.

This hack can be helpful around Thanksgiving or any other event when large amounts of spuds are required for mashed potatoes. Leo Morten Lund , from Denmark, posted this trick on his facebook page. You can check out the video here.

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