How To Tell If Your CD Or DVD Is Written By Just Looking Onto It

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If you have a pile of old CDs or DVDs at your home, it would be quite a tedious task to sort them into Blank and Burnt section especially when it means checking each of them on computer. There exists an easier method that we are going to reveal today.

Observe the shiny side of the disc from the center inside out. If there is a visible color variation or a dark ring, it means the CD or DVD has been written on, otherwise not. If you look closely in the image below, you can view a ring around the center of the disc which changes color from lighter to darker as you move from the center towards the outer edge.

Burned CD

If you cannot see any color variation or a dark ring; it implies that the disc is blank, ready to be burnt.

Blank CD

Surely, you can now sort the CDs or DVDs within minutes without going through any lengthy routine. We bet you did not know this secret before. Did you?

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