HP To Launch 17 Inch Tablets In Near Future

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Steve Jobs made a prediction back in 2010 that more people will use a tablet than a laptop very soon in future. He termed this transition as “Post-PC” era which will indeed be witnessed by 2015 as reported by Gartner Statistics. The tablet sales will climb from 276 million to 321 million next year. In addition, Android is sharing 62% of the global market as an OS according to the revelation in Google I/O 2014.

HP Slate tablet series

Android’s flexibility & hardware independence and a tablet’s portability & comfort make an ideal combination for any company to indulge into a tablet technology. HP is one of the companies who foresaw the future. It strongly follows “one-size-does-not-fit-it-all” strategy with a series of tablets ranging from 8-inch to 21-inch size.

HP is rumored to release a 17-inch tablet in its Slate series after last year big surprise of a 21-inch tablet. The news made waves with appearance in a seasoned bench-marking site, GFXBench. The in-depth analyses showed unconfirmed specifications of the upcoming HP Slate 17.

HP Slate 21

The all-in-one tablet will host the latest version of Android OS, KitKat 4.4.2. It will have a huge display of 17.2–inch with a five finger gesture support and pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080. The tablet will provide seamless interaction with its quad-core processor and HD clarity with the Intel HD graphics for BayTrail. 3D functionality will be available with the OpenGL ES 3.0 3D API. The tablet will support 2 GB Ram and up to 25 GB storage space.

High level graphics performance test revealed 9.4 fps while low level tests gave a range of 33 – 41 fps. Other features include 0.9 MP Front camera, accelerometer, Bluetooth, compass, gyroscope and Wi-Fi.

People will expect the same level of performance in tablets as in laptops. Maintaining a small size with increased functionality is a difficult task. However, increasing the display size to the point of eliminating the meaning of the tablet technology is not wise at all.

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