If Company Logos Had Meaningful Slogans

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It often happens that a certain product does not  meet your expectation. This is when you come up with sarcastic and subtle comments  to suggest the manufacturers to change their logo or over the top advertisements. Clif Dickens has been giving meaningful logo suggestions to companies since December 2011 on his popular tumblr site Honest Slogans. We have collected some of the best ones for you here.

1. Wikipedia Explains Better Than My Professor

1-Meaningful Slogans - Wikipedia - You're Welcome College Students

2. If Maybelline Was The Solution, Everyone Had Been A Model 

2-Meaningful Slogans - Maybelline - Maybe Its Photoshop

3. Mountain Dew Sports Team Would Have Won Every Game

3-Meaningful Slogans - Mountain Dew - Sports Drink For Gamers

4. There Lives An Alternative You In NSA Database

4-Meaningful Slogans - NSA - Big Brother Is Watching You

5. TMZ Spies Can Get Dirt On You Quicker Then Any Spy Agency Even If They Had To Fabricate It

5-Meaningful Slogans - TMZ - Junk Food For Your Eyes

6. Every Relative Or Friend Will Definitely Bring This Gift For You When Returning From Abroad

6-Meaningful Slogans - Tobelrone - Airport Chocolate

7. What To Watch On Netflix? Can’t Decide.

7-Meaningful Slogans - Netflix - Spend More Time Searching Than Watching

8. As If I Am Not Getting Enough Air Already. Duh!!

8-Meaningful Slogans - Lays - Flavoured Air

9. Because You Will End Up Getting Bullied And Ridiculed. Stubborns Can Survive Though! 

9-Meaningful Slogans - Youtube - Dont Read Comments

10. Why I Even Bothered To Use It?

10-Meaningful Slogans - Crayola - White One Is Useless

11. If Potato Salad Can Get $55,000 then ..

11-Meaningful Slogans - Kickstarter - Get Money For Absolutely Anything

12. Oh God! That Strong Smell

12-Meaningful Slogans - Marks A Lot - Take A Big Whiff Everytime You Open It

13. My Day Is Incomplete If I Don’t Get A Candy Crush Request On Facebook

13-Meaningful Slogans - Candy Crush - The Game Version Of Pure Cocaine

14. Long Deserted My Account On LinkedIn

14-Meaningful Slogans - LinkedIn - Connect With People For No Reason At All

15. McDonalds Rock For All The Students Out There

15 - Meaningful Slogans - McDonalds - Because You Have Only Four Dollars

16. Even The Name Says It All

16-Meaningful Slogans - Urban Outfitters - Pay Money To Look Home less

17. Happens To Me All The Time!

17-Meaningful Slogans - Pepsi - We Don't Have Coke - Is Pepsi Okay

18. Accurately Said

18-Meaningful Slogans - Slinky - Transform Into Tangled Metal Mess Within Minutes

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