The Coolest House Built On Wheel

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Designing keeps the paramount importance in every living space built on earth. While some designers uses cool stuff to utilize available resources effectively and some are super creative, like the one you are going to read in couple of paragraphs below.

Meet the two artists from Brooklyn that are living a life-on-wheel. Called the In Orbit, the artists have created a living space on hamster wheel. Its a 24 feet dia-wheel which took about a month to build. Furnished on both inside-outside of the circumference, all living essentials like bed, chair-desk, bathroom and kitchen are provided in mirror to each other. Artist Schweder lives on the inside while Shelley gets the outside of living space. Enjoy the gallery below.

In Orbit House

in orbit wheel

In Orbit Living space

In Orbit Wheel Living

House On Wheel

In Orbit Living

Wheel House

House On Wheels

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