Incredible Photographs From The Unexplored Tribe of Mangol

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The tribal people have been always been a fascination for photographers and documentary makers because there is a great level of curiosity surrounding their daily lives. It sounds simply amazing that in this present age of globalization, there are still certain tribes that live secluded, hidden away behind difficult terrains spending their lives in perfect harmony with nature.

One such tribe is the Dukha tribe, which is an old Turkic community living in northern Mongolia.This tribe used to be one of the largest groups of nomad reindeer herders in the world but now only 44 families are left continuing the tradition of the forefathers.

Recently a famous photographer, Hamid Sadar-Afkhami,  documented different aspects of their lives via pictures and highlighted the rare bond they share with reindeer s. Below are some of the glimpses of his spectacular collection. 


The Dukha people have a unique relationship with wild animals


Children learn to train reindeer from early age


There is no fear among young children of wild animals


They survive out of tourist industry mainly as people are in awe of the performances , rides and crafts of the locals


Reindeer are the means of transportation over the difficult terrain



They have a spiritual connection with all animals including wolves


They also train eagles and eagle hunting is considered a privilege

They also train eagles and eagle hunting is considered a privilege

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