Indoor Navigation Is Now Possible With This Indoor App

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Indoor navigation is a hectic task, provided you do not have access to GPS signals due to roof blocks. Unless you don’t have access to internet network and your Indoor Map is already on Google Indoor Maps, there is no way out. Even if you find out indoor map of your favorite shopping mall, you cannot make it work without internet. But these guys have come up with a unique app to let it happen. Developed by Israeli start-up Shopcloud, Inside App uses built-in sensors of your smartphone for indoor navigation.

It basically starts by accessing the internet upon entering a building, and downloading the floor plans. Yes! The app needs indoor floor plans to navigate. Buildings offering the system would first have to supply that plan to Shopcloud, plus a team would have to come through to gather spatial data. Once the data has been downloaded and synced by the app, internet access isn’t necessary.

Indoor Navigation App

The app uses smartphones camera to identify unique landmarks indoor, processing the images using computer vision algorithms to keep track of the user’s approximate location. The accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer also kick in to track the user’s more precise movement. One of the intelligent feature app offers is; it actually “learn” the unique movement signature of the user – apparently, if the phone is handed to someone else, the app will know that it’s not the same person.

The app reportedly will work on iPhone 4s and above versions of Apple, and those android phones with same specs as of S4. Team is also working to make it compatible with Windows phones. The app will be available free of charge, to both end users and venues in couple of months.


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