Indoor Navigation Might Soon Arrive To Apple

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People who have used Apple Maps have more often than not run in to problems like misdirection, poor visual mapping and just plain clunky, inaccurate software. Apple Maps has received almost universal negative reception. Apple has obviously updated its software to get rid of all these bugs but it’s not quite as popular as Google in this category that has the mammoth market share of GPS services with Google Maps and Google Earth regularly used everyday. Apple is looking to change that with what was a trademark move, patenting their software.


Apple patented their indoor navigation and positioning software at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (UTSPO) recently and aims to ship this software soon with its operating system probably by this June at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple has taken a crack at this technology before with find my iPhone, a service that tracks all the iOS devices in the house and leads you to them when you’ve either thrown them under the couch or left them in the bathroom.

Find my iPhone

The uniqueness that Apple is patenting is the ability of this software to determine the location of an object that doesn’t even have GPS by the Wifi Access Point its using. If a Wifi router is connected to any device in a particular building, Apples software can find it.

With a series of patent wars that have gone on among Apple, Samsung and Google, this might be an indication for all those companies to lawyer up because a law suit can come from anywhere and anyone, and why not? After all, Google has a ton of patents concerning tracking software through GPS, maybe they’ll find a way to sue Apple over something like Apple sued Samsung over “round corners”.

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