Intelligent iPhone Case Gives Visual Notifications On Calls And Texts

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Every electronic device emits a certain amount of energy while turned on and for some devices, long after they’re turned off. The iPhone obviously has its share of radiation output and so the folks at Kickstarter have begun campaigning to support a new iPhone case called the Lunecase which unlike most other cases offers more than a glorified glove for your phone. There was the PowerSkin that you could put on the iPhone to double its battery life because the case was a battery itself and now there’s the Lunecase that feeds off the radiation your iPhone emits and converts it into light energy to put out an LED signal.

lunecase call

The campaign says that this case doesn’t need a plug to connect it to your iPhone. For a pledge of $35 you can order it from Kickstarter and own it when it comes out during the next few months. The Lunecase is extremely simple in its function as all it does is light up a few LED  indicators on the case when ever a phone call or a text message arrives.

call lighting up

This can be useful when your phone is on silent mode inside a place of worship or at a restaurant or at a piano recital where silence is of the utmost importance to maintain the atmosphere and magic of the moment.

LED case

A case that you can just snap on and off to serve a simple purpose fits right in with Apple’s agenda to make technology “disappear” and blend in to the background.

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