Intelligent Zebra Crossings To Be Installed In London

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Crossing the road is a tedious task in today’s world. There’s always the discomfort of running across the road, trying to make that 3 second window before the traffic light goes green and the cars begin to roar again. Often one has to run back because the traffic has begun to move. London is trying to reduce the risk of crossing the road and installing a system to make the zebra crossing (pedestrian crossing) more intelligent.

Pedestrian crossing

The idea is called Pedestrian Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique (SCOOT). It makes it easier for the pedestrians to see whether is it safe to cross the road and it makes it easier for the flustered pedestrians to cross the road at their leisure. The system is basically a camera with an electric sensor that monitors activity around the pedestrian crossing. If a crowd is gathering across the road it will automatically stop the traffic earlier than usual and facilitate easy movement. However if a pedestrian requests for the traffic to stop and then walks away, the camera cancels the request and lets the traffic flow freely.


The move is part of London’s programme to reduce traffic accidents and death by 40 percent till the year 2025. It also makes sure that the request button is positioned below the signal so the pedestrian looks to the direction of traffic before crossing the road.

This maybe a very effective plan to reduce traffic accidents but there is always the nut job driving above the speed limit, running traffic lights who is still to account for.

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