Intrado: The New Hyundai Concept Car Is Inspired By Airplane

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These days the “concept” of some up coming gadget or technical marvel flushes the internet with hype and breaks the news before there really is any. Concept videos of the iPhone 5s or the Galaxy S4 or some flashy new car always got the internet going in past. This is no exception. The Korean auto giant Hyundai has just released concept art for their new model called Intrado.

Intrado Concept Car Airplane

Intrado has been built with simplicity and functionality in mind. The inspiration for this minimalist design is no other than airplane and indeed the model is said to be aerodynamically designed. Also, Intrado means the underside of an aircraft’s wing. The design features a simple but elegant exterior made out of ultra light steel coated over a carbon fiber skeleton. The body is also very rigid and has been developed in partnership with Korean companies Hyosung and Lotte Chemical.

Intrado Hyundai Interior

It features a 36kWh lithium ion battery. The battery is however, not powered by a conventional cell instead, by a second generation hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. A powertrain is a technical term for the mechanism that transmits the drive from the engine to the axle of a wheel. This hydrogen fuel cell allows for a single hydrogen fill up to last for 373 miles. That prepares one for either a long road trip or a comfortable week without a refuel.

Intrado Hyundai Car

The Geneva Motor Show coming up next week will feature this proclaimed beauty and the verdict shall be announced after motor enthusiasts scrutinize it.

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