Touch Screen Electric Switches Are The Future

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The Touch Screen is an invention that has really influenced the world. From ATMs to vending machines to smartphones and tablets, touch screens are in use everywhere. But just not any type of touch screen is ruling the world, capacitive touch screens are. The best smart phones and tablets as well as your microwave all have capacitive touch installed in them. One more application was added to that list recently and its name is iOn.


iOn is a capacitive light switch that gets rid of the formality of flipping the switch. The idea is that a capacitive sensor will replace the switches in your house and simply waving your hand or your elbow in front of them will activate the light or fan in your room. The iOn switch works on the principle of the capacitive touch screen but with the capacitive field widened considerably.


The capacitive field has been widened so well that now any metallic objects or any objects that can conduct electricity or transmit the capacitive field waves can be used to turn on the switch. A fish bowl or an ornament can work like a light switch without any hassle. This switch can even be placed inside walls and it still works. You can make your friends feel like you’re a magician by magically accessing the power of the house from random places. Or you can scare the hell out of your friends with the random lights switching on and off.

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