iPhone On Rails – A High Tech Tram To Be Launched In Moscow Next Year

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If iPhone revolutionized the cellphone industry a decade ago, then this high tech tram is about to revolutionize the future of railway. Perhaps, a reason to name it as ‘iPhone on Rails’.

new russian train in moscow

Uralvagonzavod, or UVZ, tank and train maker, unveiled the next generation tram at Innoprom 2014 Conference which is set to be launched in Moscow next year.

iPhone on rails russian tram

The Russian One (R1) prototype will have Wi-Fi, GPS, seven HD CCTV cameras, air-conditioning, anti-bacterial handrails and a passenger capacity of 190-270 with an average speed of 14mph. These extra-ordinary features make the tram a part of Gotham city and rightly referred with another name “Batmobile”. However, the official name of R1 tram is 71-410 car.

russian trams interiors speed of 14mph

The train is described as a crystal in a metal shell which is able to adapt into any landscape – forest, industrial zone or any modern building. Each panel on R1 tram can be used to feature ad campaigns since it is made from advanced composite materials. The base frame of the car uses 100% Russian parts.

russian trams seats inside the vehicle

The tram’s tilt gives the driver a wider view minimizing the risk of running over a pedestrian. The distinguishable feature of the train is its lighting which adjusts according to the day and night timings to influence the passengers mood positively. During winter season, the steps of tram are continuously heated to scrape off the ice.

iphone on rails russian tram interior

The R1 tram will run Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhy Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Volgograd. A new plan to build an underground tram is also in the pipeline. The project holds great importance in Russian markets due to its rarity.

UVZ will soon be introduced to the international markets such as Eastern Europe and South America to compete with the world leaders in France and Canada.

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