Its Not Bike, Its Half Bike

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Kickstarter is a website that funds creative projects of all types. It provides a platform to fund your music videos, the publication of novels, entire feature films and music albums. They also fund art projects like the Bicymple. A minimalist redesign of the typical bicycle, the bicymple shrinks the handle bars and the seat yet doesn’t reject comfort. It provides more space in the room or drive way after the bike is kept and makes for a smooth ride down town. However, the people at Kickstarter didn’t stop there. They took it a step further with the Half Bike.

Half Bike

The unicycle, tricycle and quadcycle have all been derivatives of the bicycle. Now Mihail Klenov and Martin Angelov, engineers and founders of Kolelinia Lab have designed a Half Bike for urbanites. Its safe to manoeuvre, though it looks extremely difficult to get used to. Mikhail and Martin both have architectural and cycling backgrounds so they may know what they’re doing, but the unorthodox design of the bike does leave the observer puzzled.

The half bike

There is no seat, the gluteus, buttock and quad muscles must be constantly in motion to stay upright and to maintain a steady speed and the bike is unbelievably thin. In spite of all this, the bike may be perfect to navigate the narrow roads of Europe.

The bike measures 100 x 40 x 130 cm in total and weighs a scrawny 7.8 kilogrammes. It’s success at this point seems dubious at best. Support them on kickstarter campaign.

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