Japan Launches Drones with Nets to Catch other Drones

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Japanese police are going to prepare drones specially operated to catch other drones flown by hobbyists. The drones will catch other drones with nets.

That’s according to Japan Today.

The Japanese police are deploying the drones to safe guard crowded areas from drones flying over head, which is considered dangerous. No fly zones have been setup to indicate where drones cannot fly.

This latest measure is a result of a drone, with small amounts of radiation, being found on the the prime ministers residence roof. A new bill has been put into place to allow for the legal measures.

Background of the Drone Menace

The use of drones has increased a lot in recent years. Now that the drones are becomming more common place, the usage has in times been dangerous, especially in areas where there are lots of people. It’s dangerous because drones can lose control, either by bad flying, or a technical malfunction, and land on people.

This has led to a worldwide realization that something needs to be done to control drone flying. In Japan it seems, they have the answer.

Near misses

There have been a lot of near misses, people being hit, and dangerous stunts by drone pilots.

Contributing factors are pilots that are not trained, because anyone can start flying them without a training course, or a required certificate, like a drivers license. Then there’s also the case of technical malfunctions, where the pilot loses control of the drone. These drones are relatively cheap, so they don’t have safety control systems in place.

United States wants to Register Drones

The United States now require that drones are registered before usage. That way, the government will know who’s using them, and if accidents occur, there’ll be a record of the person flying them.

Expect more regulations to come into play around the world as usage increases even more in the coming years.


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