This Jet Engine Car Will Take Racing To Next Level

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The Formula 1 racing is about to become real fast and furious. Formula 1 cars are designed to an optimum speed of about 200 mph but in general the average speed throughout the race keeps pretty low. Innovators are coming up to take average speed to somewhere that will tear down anything in the path.


Ben Tabbit designed a mind blowing concept racer car. It is named as Equinox. The distinguishing feature of this racer car is its twin jet engines. The engines are powerful enough to even lift a small aircraft to the sky. It’s hard to speculate how the car will even remain on the roadway let alone race?  It looks like Tabbit came up with the solution.

Equinox_the _speed_car_racer_front end

Equinox is designed with six wheels and numerous fins to keep all that power under control. The six wheels give it a unique body as compared to typical Formula 1 race cars. The rear wheels are rather large while the two sets of front wheels are similar to a typical car. The cockpit is structured just like a jet fighter with the passenger and driver sitting in a row. This car is epic for drag racing.

With an overall design of 90% engine and the remaining 10% as cockpit, the car still has some flaws in this design. It leaves very little room for the fuel reservation which is a problem since speedy cars consume a lot of fuel generally. Apparently,  for short distance travel, no geek would opt for speedy ride.


The car is still in the design phase though and Ben Tabbit plans to get in touch with investors for the production.

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