Laser Head-Up Displays Project Visual Data On Windshields

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Microvision –  a world leader in the innovation of a new generation of display technology, has been reportedly working on Laser Head-Up display technology, which will present visual data on the windshields of future cars.

Planned to make ground in the market by 2016, the display technology uses semiconductor lasers and a microscopic mirror to display key important data on the wind shields. Unlike the most LED head-up displays technology in most advanced cars of today, the technology uses laser light source of red, blue and green colors to project images. Other color pixels are generated by combining modulated red, green and blue laser light sources. The intensity of each of the light sources is varied to generate a complete palette of colors and shades. Lasers will emit line on the mirror while it rapidly scans both vertically and horizontally, thus, able to project an image on a windshield one pixel at a time. And since this happens so fast, the image projected will appear static.

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Car Speedometer, Maps, Fuel and everything on your car dashboard is probable to make into your windshield with this technology. With amazing features like brightness control, color saturation and day-night readability, Microvision plans to sale the technology to car manufacturers by the year 2016.

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