Laser Technology Will Safeguards The Future Aeroplanes – Here Is How

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Israel’s Defense Ministry has announced that it has managed to roll out laser systems to deflect in coming shoulder missiles for commercial airliners. This technology, while used extensively in Israel’s Air force by the name of Sky shield, has never made it to commercial jets. Now however, that is to change.


The systems include a thermal camera that detects in-coming objects with an infra red sensor and of course lasers to deflect in coming missiles just like Iron Man did with flares in his first movie. This technology, according to authorities in Israel have been tested in the most harsh conditions and then been certified by the Airforce. The commercial name of this technology is said to be C-MUSIC.

The systems are a response to the attack in 2002 launched from Mombasa, Kenya on an Israeli charter plane after take off. Also, Israel is facing increasing threats from enemies like North Korea and Iran so its defense systems are being considerably upgraded.

Skyshield Laser Fire

The system is mainly used to deflect a specific type of missile technology called man-portable surface-to-air missile systems (MANPADS). A company called Elbit systems is handling the installation and is planning on introducing this technology to commercial airlines all around the world.

In an increasingly hostile world, this system is a welcome improvement.

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