Lego Like Bricks To Be Used In Actual Construction

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Most of you might have constructed your own castles during childhood. Of course using famous LEGO bricks! You may even have made a weird design from your imagination. Those childhood construction moments nudged you to take designing or construction as major in college. But the real construction is not as easy as putting blocks on top of each other. Its messy, energy consuming, costly and huge resources are utilized.

lego bricks house

Kite Bricks is developing a revolutionary product, S-bricks, bringing change in modular bricks for the first time in 150 years. S-bricks are similar to LEGO Toy bricks and use the same idea of construction i.e. fitting bricks on top of one another without any significant effort. This will form the basis of a complete new construction system.

lego like bricks for real construction

The bricks are designed like LEGO pieces easily joined together leaving internal spaces for insulation and infrastructure elements such as cable wire, water piping and electricity wires. These bricks are intended to construct houses, buildings, bridges and much more. The company claims to build strong ecological structures reducing mess and construction costs.

What is the point of replacing a 150-years old construction system? The new brick system will decrease 50% of the total expenses associated with an eight storey building. 60% of the energy costs of the building will be saved because of effective heat redirection in summer and heat trapping in winter. Clean and quiet construction sites with minimum labor will reduce the pollution and save resources.

kite bricks s bricks in action

Blocks will come with removable faces which means no more broken floors, walls or leaky pipes. Bricks come with proper sizes, number and finishes meaning no additional finishing is required.

The product is pending for a US patent. If Kite Bricks is able to demonstrate the claimed benefits, we will move to a new era of construction.

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