The Contact-less Bicycle Dynamo

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Last year, German inventor Dirk Strothmann developed a Dynamo – Magnic Light, which instead of touching the bicycle tire and slowing it down, uses magnets on board to produce electricity. It does so by only getting closer to the spinning metallic rim. After the successful production of Magnic Light, the inventor has developed a new product, similar but addressing some key issues in the previous version.

Magnic Light

Magnic Light

The first version of the Dynamo “Magnic Light” works on the Principle of Eddy Current. In the process; when the wheel spins, magnets inside the generator (dynamo) induce eddy currents with corresponding magnetic fields in the wheel, which in turn interact with the magnets in the generator. The resulting electricity powers the bicycle lights indefinitely. It doesn’t create any friction between the materials, thus making the cycling experience as smooth as before.

The device was certainly a breakthrough in the cycling gadgets, but it came with a few limitations:, like for example: Without any external (battery) power, its output wavered a little with the spinning speed of the wheel. The new version named “Magnic Light iC addresses these limitations.

Magnic Light iC

Magnic Light iC

The new Magnic Light iC comes with an on-board microprocessor, which reportedly is capable to adapt a steady output, maintaining peak efficiency at speeds ranging from 3 to 30 km/h (2 to 19 mph). When the cyclist stops, a built-in capacitor keeps the light illuminated.

A pledge of US$69 will get you a head- or tail light, while $179 will get you two front and one rear on the Kickstarter Campaign.

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